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Helping Babies to Sleep Better

During the infancy stage, when babies are the most fragile, babies require long hours of sleep, which they often alternate with their feeding time throughout the night and day, and when disrupted can lead to irritability especially when they do not feel comfortable enough to get the sleep they require. Although an infant’s sleeping pattern can be quite irregular, which means they may also be awake in the middle of the night or in the wee hours when everyone else is asleep, this does not take away from the fact that their little delicate bodies need as much as 12 to 18 hours of sleep every day so they do not get fussy.

For new parents and even caregivers, however, looking after a newborn can be the most challenging stage as it does not only require detailed care, but this is also when they will have to put up with little to no sleep just to make sure the babies are looked after properly. For a lot of mothers, having a help hand in the process is a huge thing, but for some mothers, especially those who have had a few babies already, they have already gotten the hang of putting babies in comfortable sleep better than others.

When it becomes challenging for parents to send babies to sleep during bedtime, it will help to start practicing routines for a relaxing sleep like doing massages for babies to calm them down, or engage them in activities in the morning perhaps by walking in the park or playing for a couple of hours to keep them active so they can sleep by themselves naturally once bedtime comes. It also does not have to be too quiet as babies can also sleep better when there is white noise or a calming music to put them at ease and send them to sleep naturally.

One of the things that mothers may also overlook is their own state of emotion when with their baby especially during bedtime, which babies will easily notice and feel right away, so coming to bed stressed may often make babies uncomfortable and fussy. To avoid this, mothers must be mindful to stay calm and relaxed once it is time for baby’s bed, either through a long bath or listening to slow music before going to bed, and practice slow breathing and always speak softly when they are trying to get their baby to sleep.

When babies can sleep naturally in a relaxed environment, the faster their sleeping pattern can become regular so mothers do not have to keep waking up after midnight, and they can both have the rest they need when they need it the most.

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