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How to Make Organite

Orgonite is made by combining a catalyzed mix of polyester or epoxy resin with different types of metal shavings poured directly into small-scale molds. Similar to Reich’s accumulators, organite draws etheric energy. Adding quartz crystals into the orgonite mixture will make the energy more coherent or it can enhance the working of the orgonite. Hence, organite is basically a substance which functions like a continuously operating, self-driven, highly effective energy transmutation device which draws negative life energy levels and transforms in into beneficial energy. When the organite is being cured, the resin mixed in it is greatly reduced and this compresses the quartz crystals inside which causes the end points to become polarized electrically. This evidently will cause it to operate better as a positive energy levels creator. When crystals are present in orgonite, they improve its function, but organite can still function effectively even without crystals.

Having the right materials will make it possible for anyone to easily construct orgnoite. Basically, organize is a 50/50 mixture of metal and resin (polyester, urethane, or epoxy) to which you can add one or more quartz crystals. It is then poured into all kinds of molds which has different forms like pyramids, cones, disks, cylinders, and pendants. Air pollution and cell -tower radiation can be fought with orgonite. You can use orgonite in clearing energies in your home and it is also beneficial to the growth of your plants in the garden. Healing is another benefit of having orgonite. Many people are greatly affected by orgonite especially to whose are sensitive to energy levels. The people find orognite working for them. You can use this for different purposes if you connect to it.

Many people are already using orognite for different types of applications and this can be verified through an online search. However, you must also be careful what you read because there are a lot of beliefs about orgonite which can still be categorized as unsubstantiated claims. Perhaps making your own orgonite device is the best way to discover for yourself if orgonite has something or some power in it. Since orgone energy has caught the interest of many people around the world, it is not being made by individuals who want to gain all the benefits that it offers. It is easy to make if you want to try it for yourself. if you want to make your own orgonite to prove its power, then you don’t need to look hard for the materials to use for it because it is readily available at any local community store and you can also buy these materials online my making an online search.

You can find out more about orgonite and orgonite benefits and devices if you do an online search.

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