Working on a Marketing Project

by Guest Blogger on June 18, 2013

Right now I working on some marketing ideas for the project my class is starting on. We are in a Future Achievers program at school and I am hoping that I can get some extra credit out of it for my college applications. My plan is to go into either business or to get a degree in math or computer science. The slogans I am working on are pretty stale, things like great ways to earn your future now! and variations on that idea. Of course if you search for them on the internet it is very easy to find places where some other brilliant ad writer has done the exact same thing in some other context and some that are pretty similar to what I am trying to do. It is easy to come up with a catch phrase I suppose, but very difficult to find one that has not been snatched up by some other ad man who was trying to sell a product or concept in the past. People have been doing that sort of thing for over a century in this country and I suppose that there were newspaper ads as long as there have been real news papers, probably some time after Gutenberg’s printing press was invented.

The fact is that marketing seems to be something in which no one really expects that you should be completely honest or forthcoming and it does not seem to have much emphasis on realism or in originality for that matter it seems. The idea is to make some product or service seem ideal, and idealizing any thing or any idea is never something which can done with complete integrity. The brutal truth about anything is something else and I wonder if that could not be used to differentiate your product from all others.

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