Finding Similarities Between Relationships and Life

Romance in the Right Perspective

At its core, romance involves doing something to express affection in a meaningful yet unexpected way. Many would say that romance is about love, yet even love is elusive, and, if that be the case, how should one go in finding romance? Since finding the right romantic partner is becoming a difficult journey, it’s time to accept the situation and start dealing with it with the right attitude.

Loving yourself first

Feelings convey a message, such that it lets us know on whether we love ourselves or abandoning ourselves or that others are either loving or controlling. Once you have learned to know your feelings, try to move towards those feelings and explore ore about it rather than dismissing it. Begin to invite the loving presence of your heart and consciously open to learning about loving yourself. Then try to explore your ego-wounded self, understanding the fear and false beliefs of yourself, which is negatively pointing to self-abandoning. Explore those innermost feelings of heartbrokenness or loneliness or helplessness and ask yourself what has caused you to feel those feelings. For as long as your heart is willing to learn, the answers will come. Allow time to heal the shame, anxiety and depression, and overtime you will be able to love yourself and connect with yourself, which is the key ingredient to loving and connecting with others.

Follow your destiny

When you begin to chart your life the way you want to live, you will discover that you’re becoming attractive to the right people who are attracted to your sense of independence and adventure.

Fantasizing your partner

A lot of women, who are hopelessly romantic, dream of fantasizing an imaginative partner, whom they perceive as the perfect guy for them. As you continue to imagine a hypothetical partner, you also begin to behave into another personality in order to meet up with your imaginative partner, to which meeting others will create false hopes as you would like them to fit into your fantasy partner. This will result into your wandering away from reality and from the real path of your life.

Take action

In life, there will always be the right person who is destined to be your partner, because the laws of attraction is a natural phenomenon. Act now and be socially involved by going out on dates, making more friends, and being socially visible.

Get rid of your baggage

Get rid, as soon as possible with that emotional baggage, which is a useless load adding so much heaviness without getting resolutions. As soon as you have learned how to open up and have come to love yourself, there should be no evidence of heaviness as you have also begun to let go of your emotional baggage.

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