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What are AA Milestone Tokens: Taking a Deeper Comprehension on its Specifics When it comes to anonymous membership, there are a number of things that are involved on such and one of the most iconic item that talks about AA are the tokens. Basically speaking, these tokens play a major role overall as this signifies the overall achievement of a person. When members start their journey to sobriety, they will be tailored or rewarded based on the months they have achieved of being sobriety. When the individual or the member has been sober for a span of their first 24 hours, they will be provide with a silver colored aluminum as a mark of their great start. Having these things rewarded to the member plays a vital role in general as this will then be carried out throughout their live, reminding them of their achievement. Where it started really is something that points down to Indianapolis back in the year 1942, specifically speaking, with Doherty S., where the AA started. The entire chip system was then recorded to have surfaced first in the year 1962 when Nell Wing wrote about it being that it begun in Indianapolis. The entire idea about such chip system was then known as tokens or chips, specifically.
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So technically speaking, not only that the chips or tokens will be provided only after the 24 hour mark but these things will then have to be earned on a monthly basis. After the first silver reward or chip, the second reward or chip will then be given a month later, which usually is coated with a strong red anodized aluminum chip, also is referred to as the red plastic poker chip in some cases. By the second month, the gold anodized aluminum medallion will then be rewarded to the individual. The third month will then be emerald green anodized coin.
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Going on, there will not be any rewards given on the fourth and fifth month until the sixth month, where, the color of the medallion will be a dark blue aluminum or also seen or referred to as the blue plastic poker chip. On the ninth month, the member will then be rewarded with the purple chip, which, should signify a strong achievement, considering that this marks a really good success of being sober. Although there are small variations here and there, still, the essence and purpose of such achievement is a thing that individuals will bring throughout their lives. In case you are planning to purchase milestone tokens, chances are high that you will then find quite a lot of these from online stores and the like. That said, to secure that you will spend enough time on research when it comes to getting AA milestone tokens should not be taken recklessly as this is where you will then be certain that you will make the right selection.

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